"Quality Teacher for Quality Education"


To train and produce full-fledged teachers to carry out their duties and responsibilities in the construction of the education system, whom the parents of their pupils and the working people in their community can look up to trust and respect.
To train and produce teachers who can behave and conduct themselves well to become good teachers in conformity with the Myanmar way of life.
To train and produce competent teachers who are well versed in the subjects they are to teach.
To train and produce teachers who possess adequate knowledge of educational principles and teaching techniques which will enable them not only to teach effectively but also to promote wholesome relationship between the pupils and their homes, their schools and community.
To train and produce teachers who can assume leadership possessing a thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles of all round harmonious development of human personality in education.
To train teachers to encourage in research work that would contribute to widen the horizon of the knowledge of teachers to improve their intellectual and professional levels.